Reviews in for Southern Belles

“The show is worth a look just for Annabel Leventon’s terrific performance as the forlorn and magnificently haughty Cornelia… These obscure Tennessee Williams scripts are the classics of the future. Everyone should see them.”
Lloyd Evans, The Spectator

“A Southern grande dame, faultlessly played by Annabel Leventon, with an impeccable Louisiana accent.”
Ruth León,

“Played effortlessly by a blistering Annabel Leventon, this is a grande dame Southern belle. Leventon captures both the strength and vulnerability of this complex creation.”

“Wonderfully portrayed by Annabel Leventon”

“Annabel Leventon unwavering as Cornelia, delivers a piercing and concise performance.”

“Cornelia… a superb Annabel Leventon”

Southern Belles

I am about to open in a Tennessee Williams play, Something Unspoken, as part of the double bill called Southern Belles at the Kings Head Theatre, Islington. It plays from July 24 to August 24.  Wonderful play, wonderful part!

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