“Inspirational, you changed my life.”
Kirsty Anderson, Head Teacher, The Hall School.

“There’s a lot more to speaking than meets the eye. You opened my eyes as well as my mouth. A thousand thanks.”
Nick Middleton, TV presenter and lecturer, St Anne’s College, Oxford

“Despite 35 years of speaking in public, I was daunted by having to make a speech at my daughter’s wedding. Annabel gave me enormous confidence, enabling me to say what I wanted to say, naturally and spontaneously.”
Nick Strauss, QC

“Thanks to you, I soon found my feet in front of an audience and I’ve never looked back. What a thrill to finally be able to speak in public with confidence.”
Judy Rich, Managing Director and Founder of Long Tall Sally

“I really have made such undeniable changes to how I perceive myself – everything we’ve been working on is starting to feel quite connected – and I can lose weight – like you said it’s about taking responsibility for myself, my health – not abusing my body – the weight is a side issue. Cripes. It really is quite incredible how different I feel, brings tears to the eyes. I can do this – whatever “this” is!!!”
Lynn Sollors, Sales Director, Listening Co

Speak Up! Workshops

“It’s taught me greater confidence in my ability to speak to an audience, distilling what I want to say, I also continue to use the warm up exercises, they made a huge difference. I saw huge increases in confidence in everyone attending.”
Bob Bharij, Director of Foundation for Change

“Understanding all the aspects of what goes into a performance, ie voice, stance, presence, audience, etc, really opened my mind.”
Speak Up! Participant

“I learned that when I speak from the place of resonance – not just vocal chords but deeper – it is very powerful.”
Speak Up! participant

“I learnt I can, sometimes, slow down! I most enjoyed the kindness and openness of the group.”
Speak Up! participant

“Really well pitched and structured. I most enjoyed the environment and the practical advice.”
Speak Up! Participant